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Apr 1, 2015



Guest blogger Fi shares her five easy activities to do with your little one this Spring….



Fi Star-Stone is a blogger, broadcaster and author of ‘The Baby Bedtime Book’, she’s also the editor of Childcare is Fun (www.childcareisfun.co.uk) – a parenting site that hosts the UK’s only award winning, FREE, parent advice service. Each week she receives and answers over 200 emails!

Fi is also a mum of two young children born less than a year apart. As an award winning Nanny and qualified Nursery Nurse with over 21 years experience in childcare, Fi’s career has covered many areas of the childcare sector. Her qualifications Include two Diplomas (one in Nursery Nursing and one in Childhood Studies) and a Degree in Childhood and Youth studies. 

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I love spring! The spring flowers popping up, chicks and lambs and new life everywhere – and the wonderful Easter celebrations that many little ones adore – my own two included!

With the coming of spring and all its loveliness, it opens up a whole world of activities to do with your little ones that don’t have to cost the earth! Here I share with you my five favourite springtime activities to do with your baby or toddler.


  1. Chick painting fun

These easy chick prints are great for springtime arty fun, and are great as Easter cards. You can even frame them as an ideal Easter gift for family and friends!

You’ll need:

Yellow child friendly paint

Yellow feathers

White paper



Orange and black pens to draw legs and eyes and a beak

How to:

  1. Paint your little ones hand with the paint ensuring it is covered evenly
  2. Open the fingers (with babies it’s a good idea to gently open up their fingers!)
  3. Print onto paper

Don’t worry if you don’t get a perfect print first time – just keep practising!Draw a beak and legs.

4. Draw a beak and legs.

5. Glue on some feathers

on some feathers



  1. Daffodils

These rather cute daffodils are easy to make, but very little ones will need extra help with the painting and sticking of the centres.

You’ll need:

1 sheet of white paper for the prints

1 sheet of coloured backing paper to mount the daffodil on

Child friendly Yellow and orange paint

Green paper for the daffodil stalk.


Egg carton

Glue stick

Glitter for the centre (optional)

How to:

  1. Paint your little ones hand yellow and print 3 lots of handprints onto paper.
  2. Cut the handprints out carefully.
  3. Cut out an egg cup from the carton and paint it orange, glue the centre and add the glitter.
  4. Stick the handprints onto the backing paper fanned out like petals.
  5. Stick the orange carton into the centre of the ‘petals’.
  6. Cut ‘stems’ from the green paper and glue onto the backing paper up to the daffodil.

Your daffodil should look a little something like the one in the picture but don’t worry if it’s not perfect – it adds charm to it!

t – it adds charm to it!


  1. A spring Buzzy bee footprint

This little buzzy bee print is my daughter’s 6 week old print, which shows you that your little one is never too young to enjoy some arty fun!

You’ll need:

Child friendly black and yellow paint.

A paintbrush

White paper

Marker pen for the wings

How to:

  1. With the black and yellow paint, paint strips along your little ones foot. This often gets some beautiful giggles if they are ticklish!
  2. Print onto the paper. It’s much easier to sit them in a highchair and take the paper to the foot, rather than trying to hold them and print the foot onto the paper.
  3. Draw legs, eyes and wings with the marker pen.

This little buzzy bee makes wonderful thank-you cards, or looks lovely in a small square frame.




  1. Bunny gift envelope

These cute bunny envelopes are great for holding cards or mini eggs to give as gifts this Easter.

You’ll need:

A white envelope

Marker pen for drawing the eyes

White paper


Pink pom-pom

Pink paint for the footprint ears

How to:

  1. Paint your little ones feet pink (one at a time to avoid mess) and print onto the white paper.
  2. Cut out the footprints into ‘bunny ear’ shapes, leaving a small gap of white around them.
  3. Draw eyes onto the envelope as pictured. Then glue on the pink pompom for a nose (Or you can draw a nose in pink)
  4. Glue the ‘ears’ onto the envelope then, once dry, fill with Easter treats or a card.
  1. Cereal and raisin chocolate cakes

These yummy cereal and raisin cakes are ideal for using up all of those Easter eggs if your little ones get too many this Easter!

You’ll need:

Cereal (Cheerios or Cornflakes work well)



How to:

  1. Melt the chocolate
  2. Add the cereal a little at a time and mix. Keep mixing until coated then add a little more. Don’t add too much or they won’t stick together when set.
  3. Add the raisins (however many you like)
  4. Spoon into cases and leave to set (pop in the fridge to speed up the setting!)
  5. To make these into Easter cakes you could add craft chicks or even mini eggs on top.

Wrap a few in cellophane and tie with Easter ribbon for little Easter gifts for family, friends or teachers!

I hope you enjoy these springtime activities and have a wonderful Easter with your little ones!


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