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Tracey Stone: Chewing and Choking

Once teeth are present, they are more able to bite off chunks of food. As much as this is an exciting and much-anticipated milestone, it also brings with it the very real fear that biting off bits of food and chewing will run the risk of your little one choking.

Dec 15, 2017



Tracey Stone is a Health Visitor, and able to provide expert guidance on all things teething. Currently a registered practising Health Visitor in the community working with children and their families, Tracey also supports families in the online community with issues related to health and wellbeing. She is a qualified Paediatric Nurse with over 20 years’ experience and a Nurse Prescriber. She has also helped establish a respite service for Children with Special Needs. General teething advice only, Tracey does not endorse the brand.

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