How To Use

How To Use – Teething Gel

Instructions for use

Apply a pea-sized amount of the gel to the affected area and gently massage gums with the applicator. In infants, apply preferably after and before baby’s sleep to promote film build up and prolong pain relief. Use 3-4 times a day as needed. Return cap to the top of the applicator after each application. See leaflet inside our tube before using the product.

How To Use – Infants’ Powders

Instructions for use

Ensure that your baby is held in a sitting or upright position. Put the powder slowly on the front of the infant’s tongue, a little at a time, allowing the powder to fully dissolve.

This product is not recommended for use in babies under 3 months old. For use in teething babies only.

For Babies 3-6 Months

Use a teaspoon to give the powder, half the contents of one sachet in the morning and the other half in the evening. The sachet should be divided in half by emptying half the contents onto the teaspoon and retaining the other half in the sachet. The maximum dose is 6 doses in 24 hours.

For Babies Over 6 Months

One sachet in the morning and one sachet in the evening.

Additional dosing

If the baby is very restless, the dose may be repeated every 1, 2 or 3 hours until improvement occurs. Do not give more than 6 doses in 24 hours.

Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel

Launched in October 2018, Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel is a new way for parents to help soothe their baby’s teething pain. Local anaesthetic-free, sugar-free and alcohol-free, the gel comes with a specially-designed soft brush applicator to help you gently massage it directly onto where it hurts. In other words, no more struggling to stop gel slipping off your fingers or your baby’s gums.

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New to the Ashton & Parsons brand.

Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders

Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders contains tincture of Matricaria, which is extracted from German Chamomile flower heads. Tincture of Matricaria has traditionally been used in Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders to relieve the symptoms associated with teething pain such as sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling.

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